Friends of the Richmond Public Library


We support lectures, special events and programs at all 9 Richmond Library locations. We volunteer our time to assist in running these programs and events, and also collect the books, run the sale, and help readers find treasures at our bi-annual Book Sale. Many branches have an “Advisory Council,” and we assist those groups as well. If your branch does not have an Advisory Council, you can contact the branch directly to form or participate in one.

So what sorts of things do we offer?

The Richmond Writer Series: Authors based in or from the Richmond area visit a library to talk about and read from their works, answer questions, and sign copies of their books.

Host the Poetry Slam: Richmond-based poets gather to share their latest prose.

Exhibitions: We assist in procuring, staging and promoting exhibits of historical and cultural significance at the Library.

Education: Our volunteers aid in the growth of Library patrons by tutoring in computer skills, research projects and reading groups.

Building a Library: Our fundraising efforts have led to the creation of such spaces as the Martha Orr Davenport Special Collections Rooms, and also raise funds for the improvement of the Library facilities, increasing its value to the community.